What is Brandtelling?

Brandtelling uses a series of brand stories to make your brand relevant to your target market or audience. These can be stories about the company, its products and innovations or its people. Brandtelling is built on the foundation of connecting people through a story that is relevant, real and repeatable. Repeatability is key. Your story needs to be clear, understandable and something that can be easily repeated by your customers. As a strategist and marketer, one thing I hate is when I hear someone say: “Oh, we don’t do any marketing.” You know what they always say next?

“Our marketing is all word of mouth.”

Well, brandtelling IS word of mouth. It’s a story that can be repeated. Don’t get me wrong – sometimes something comes out of nowhere and gains crazy popularity without any apparent marketing. But not that often. Most of the time a friend or family member sees or hears some type of brand story and then repeats it. Sometimes its not a family member, but someone you trust.

When Oprah says, “this is a great book.” Book sellers say, “Kaching!” because Oprah is a great brandteller. She paints a story for everyone to grab hold of and tell to others. Oprah is a brandteller for books, actors – she may even help us elect a new president.

I don’t think that Brandtelling is an accident – or I wouldn’t have a job. Good Brandtelling is comprised of a number of elements or ingredients that combine to form a strong story or stories. These stories can take a number of forms, including press releases, presentations, case studies, pod casts–even videos.

The key to good brandtelling – just like good story telling or cooking – is to break down your story to simple ingredients and make sure that they are assembled the same way every time. Now I’m going to share with you seven steps to telling a great brand story

Seven Steps to Brandtelling Success

1. Make it Desirable.
2. Make it Clear.
3. Make it Relevant.
4. Make it Real.
5. Make it Memorable.
6. Make it Repeatable.
7. Make it Rewarding.

I’ll go into detail on these steps in later posts.