The brand storyteller’s social media sizing cheat sheet

When we tell stories we often need to consider our format. Are we in front of a large audience, or just a small room? Are we using a projector (so we need to stay out of the way of the light) or a large monitor? Do we have an hour or just 20 minutes? Is this a technical white paper or a short blog post? Is this an industry article (with understood industry jargon) or an article for a general audience? Is this a long video or a quick clip.

The possibilities for telling your brand story seem endless. But they exist within frameworks.

When it comes to visual images in social media – a terrific way to tell your brand story – there are some very specific image sizes to consider. The smart folks at Lunametrics have created the “Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet” below. I love the tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek title (because someone somewhere, most likely Facebook, is going to make changes). But the cheat sheet, as it is, provides specific information for the correct and best size for each of your social media images in all the popular social media venues. Now, get to work and make sure your images are properly sized and presented!

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