Our Story

Let me tell you a story. Since the time you were little, stories have held the power to put you at ease, put you on alert, make you listen, teach you something, encourage you to take action, make you laugh and sometimes make you cry. Stories can do the same thing with your audience. Your prospects and customers want to hear your stories. They want to know what you can do for them. They want to become the heroes of these stories. That’s where we come in.

Communication Strategy Group is a brand storytelling agency. We use brand storytelling to build confidence and trust, raise awareness and increase sales among your buyers. Our agency team members each have decades of experience as journalists, designers, strategists, public relations professionals and marketers. We work directly with our clients to develop strategy, create content and execute on tactics.

We use a brand storytelling approach (Brandtelling) to create compelling, thought leadership content that connects with your audiences. Prospects and customers want to be educated, informed and entertained (a little) as they learn about ways they can make more money, save more money or build better businesses. We help our clients create and share brand stories that build confidence and trust with their buyers. Our services are designed to create and share brand stories with your prospects and customers.