Moving pictures sell what stills can only tell

Our video marketing agency, Ping Media, was recently commissioned to create several promotional videos for a Long Island-based manufacturing client. While simple, these videos effectively showcased the company’s specific products and their value. This project brought us to the realization that “product videos” are an effective visual marketing solution that have been entirely under-utilized by B2C and B2B businesses with physical products to sell. I say simple because, in the production world, these videos were very straightforward. The message and communication goals were well-defined for the audience and, although there were technical and aesthetic challenges (as all video productions have), the scope of the project was very manageable.

So, if it’s so straightforward, why don’t businesses utilize product videos more often?

One argument is that products are already served well enough by a simple photo with an accompanying description. But this isn’t always enough. There are many products whose value, differentiators, complexity or special features become lost by static photos and words alone. For example, a photo of a smart phone may look nice, but it can’t convey the product’s value. Only when you see a video of someone actually using the smart phone — handling it and displaying its features — can you understand the device’s full potential.

This is especially true when shopping online, most people prefer to watch a high-quality product video over pictures or text descriptions. Through a product video, these items can be demonstrated by an individual or using graphics – and sometimes both!

In fact, our client used both these strategies for its line of laptop cases. While some products were sufficiently presented via still images, others contained interesting features that were not apparent from a photo. The value became much more understandable by having a person manipulate the product and reveal its special components. Graphics were also used to highlight key items and selling points.

This occasion to create simple product videos became an ideal opportunity to further communicate and maximize brand image – to tell a brand story.

Throughout production, we made sure that the client’s videos appeared as interesting and exciting as their laptop cases and the demographic they targeted. And video turns out to be cost-effective as well: A relatively large number of products can usually be covered in a single day of shooting in the studio.

So the next time you roll out that new product and look to display it on your website’s “Products” page, consider how a well-produced product video might tell your story.